History Of Fabricon

Fabricon is a prominent heavy fabrication company that operates as a subsidiary of the Sivoko Group. The Sivoko Group is a conglomerate with diverse business interests in sectors such as engineering, construction, manufacturing, and energy. Here is a brief overview of the history of Fabricon and its association with the Sivoko Group


Company Starts.

Fabricon was established in 19XX as a small fabrication workshop, initially catering to local construction projects. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, the company steadily grew its reputation for delivering reliable and durable fabricated products. 


Company is 35 people strong.

In 20XX, Fabricon caught the attention of the Sivoko Group, a prominent industrial conglomerate with a vision for expansion in the heavy fabrication sector. Recognizing the potential of Fabricon and its alignment with their business objectives, the Sivoko Group acquired Fabricon, integrating it into their portfolio of companies. 


We get best company Award on state level.

Under the ownership of the Sivoko Group, Fabricon experienced significant growth and transformation. The Sivoko Group’s expertise, resources, and industry connections provided Fabricon with the necessary support to expand its capabilities, invest in advanced technologies, and enhance its manufacturing processes. 


Company opens 5 more branch offices.

With access to a broader network and increased financial backing, Fabricon was able to take on larger and more complex projects, expanding its client base and geographical reach. The company diversified its product offerings, investing in specialized equipment and skilled workforce to meet the evolving needs of various industries. 


Company opens 5 more branch offices.

Furthermore, Fabricon benefitted from the synergies within the Sivoko Group, collaborating with other subsidiaries on multidisciplinary projects, leveraging shared expertise, and optimizing operational efficiencies. 

Today, Fabricon stands as a flagship company within the Sivoko Group, renowned for its expertise, quality, and innovation in heavy fabrication. The Sivoko Group continues to support Fabricon’s growth, providing strategic guidance, investment, and access to a global network of clients and partners. 

Together, Fabricon and the Sivoko Group aim to strengthen their position in the heavy fabrication industry, drive technological advancements, and offer cutting-edge solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of their clients.